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ShowBadger is an app system for iOS and Android designed to simplify all badge scanning in events.

It has various modes of operation with the two most common usecases being.

  • Exhibitor staff scanning attendee badges for lead retrieval.  Exhibitors are given an access code by the event organiser.  The exhibitor downloads the app, taps in their access code and can begin scanning badges.  For each badge scanned the attendee will be emailed a notification to modify what information is shared with the exhibitors who scanned their badge.  At the end of the day the exhibitors get a summary of all the contacts who have been scanned and all the details the attendees have agreed to share.
  • Door staff for allowing access to events.  Quickly scanning the badge with the app will show if the attendee is authorised to enter or not.  These can be set up for the entire event or specific sub events if security is important.


Who is this for?

The system is for Event Organisers.  The two functions are lead retrieval for your exhbitors or security to track access to the event itself or for subsections of the event where perhaps you want to restrict which delegates may attend or simply track your attendees on which talks they go to.


How does it work?

For Lead retrieval for your exhibitors.

As an event organiser you simply contact us and supply us two excel files.  First is an excel file for all your attendees containing the name, barcode number, email, phone, etc..  This is usually extracted from your ticketing system but happy to discuss the process on the phone.

The second excel file is a list of exhibitors.  We will provide access codes you can send to your exhibitors so they will be able to download the ShowBadger app and type in your access code to be able to synchronise with your attendee database.

For tracking/access

Contact us and we will supply you a sync code you can use for your event.  You can optionally provide us a list of badge numbers that will be accepted and/or a list of badge numbers that will be barred entry.  This list can be updated by the event organiser while the event is live.

Simply get your scanning staff to download ShowBadger and tap in the sync code for your access scanner.

At the end of the event you will also be emailed a summary of all the badges that have been scanned.

For tracking it is optional to provide the attendee list as an excel file.  If you do it means people scanning will be able to see the names of who has been scanned.


Data security

You can specify a date when all personal data is erased from our system.